Industries We Serve in the Denver Area

The damage to your roof may be major or minor, but with the right roofing company on the job, it is easy to fix. Since 2013, Cenco Building Services has proudly served residential and commercial customers throughout the Denver area. We offer inspections, repairs, and roof replacements for realtors and their clients, insurance agents, property managers, and community associations. We put extra care into meeting the needs and requirements of these business organizations so that property owners will be satisfied with the final results. Let’s take a look at the industries Cenco serves, including:

  • Realtors
  • Insurance Agents
  • Property Managers
  • Community Associations

Colorado Roofing Services for Realtors

Realtors can come to Cenco Building Services for expedited price estimates and roofing certifications when preparing to sell a home in Denver. Our no-cost inspections allow you to quickly check for any hidden damage that needs repairing. If damage is found, our roofing contractors can make repairs or even replace the roof to help boost your client’s property values.

Work on Roofing Claims for Insurance Agents

When policyholders submit claims for roof damage, get an accurate estimate of costs by having a state-licensed independent adjuster inspect the property. We’ll provide a complete inspection report with photographs for insurance agents to review within 24 hours. Cenco can also provide the roofing services needed to repair any damage found, including a complete roof replacement.

Maintaining Buildings for Property Managers

From roofing services to interior renovations, we’ll provide a full range of move-in preparations for Colorado property managers. Our licensed full-service general contractors can assist with replacing flooring, drywall, plaster, and painting to clean up a unit after a tenant moves out or before new tenants move in. When you have water leaks or storm damage, our roofers are always available to make repairs too.

Restoring Curb Appeal for Community Associations

Your community association deserves a well-kept exterior and strong, intact roof. Whenever there are signs of damage or a homeowner files a claim, allow us to take a look with a complimentary roof inspection. If we find any problem areas, we’ll take clear photographs and detail the issue in a written report. Cenco is also available to provide any roofing repairs and replacements that you may require.

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