Roofing is a system…

19 September, 2020

…And each component is important!Prior to laying the first course of field shingles, you must use a dedicated starter strip over a dedicated gutter apron metal for 2 reasons: First, it ensures wind tolerance loads to make sure wind-driven rain neither gets underneath nor behind the shingles either along the eave or rake edges; Second, […]

Protect and Breathe…

17 September, 2020

Did you know that the average home produces 5+ gallons of water moisture every day?Much of it comes from breathing, but it is also generated by activities such as showers, cooking, and humidifying. But where does that moisture go? Trapped moisture is bad for your attic and your body.Enter synthethic felt paper! Designed not only […]

…And now for something completely different!

9 September, 2020

At least the weather here in Colorado is never boring! We were happily roofing away on Saturday in 95+ degree sunshine.And today, we had to push back construction 2 days due to rain and snow. At least it will help extinguish the forest fires North of us.Stay safe, and give us a call at (720)-583-1690 […]

Starter Strip Ensures Wind Protection

4 September, 2020

A dedicated starter strip around the perimeter of your roof, under the shingles, is the only way to ensure complete protection against the straight line winds we experience through the Fall and Winter here in Colorado.For your next repair or replacement, insist on a quality Owens Corning Roofing system, installed by a Platinum Preferred contractor […]

Flat Roofing is Never Flat

26 August, 2020

Flat roofing can be challenging. The worst enemy of a flat roof is ponding water. So not only is leaking a paramount concern on a flat roof replacement, but you also need to plan out the pathways water will travel to ensure it drains within 48 hours.Watch as our crews build a pitched cricket during […]

Congratulations to Carrie Savage

22 August, 2020

Congratulations to @ Carrie Savage on her work anniversary here at Cenco! It’s been a wild ride the last 4 years, Carrie, as we continue to expand our footprint. Your contribution, your sense of humor, and your dedication are a tremendous asset to the entire team. Check your inbox for a Thank You from us […]

Get the Power of the Pink Panther

21 August, 2020

With bad weather always lurking around the corner, trust the protection of your Owens Corning roof, installed by the OC Platinum Preferred contractors at Cenco Building Services. Call us today if you have a question or concern about your roof, at (720)-583-1690!

Expect Success with Clean Site Preparation

19 August, 2020

Eliminating the mess of tearing off old shingles during a roof replacement is impossible, but good site preparation makes a tremendous difference in protecting your home and landscaping. Insist on thorough protection at your next roof replacement! If you have questions or concerns about your roof, give us a call at (720)-583-1690 or shoot us […]

Congrats on your work anniversary

14 August, 2020

Congratulations to Connor Phelps for celebrating his 2 year “Workaversary!” Connor..thanks for your contributions and persistence. We look forward to all the great things you will do for your customers. Check your inbox for a token of our gratitude. Cheers!

Congratulations to George Eigner

24 July, 2020

Congratulations to George Eigner on his 2nd work anniversary. George…we appreciate your hard work and dedication, and look forward to your success this year as our new Sales Manager! Check your inbox for a token of our appreciation. #TeamworkDreamwork #Leaderbyexample

Roofing in the CO Mountains

24 July, 2020

Cenco is pleased to be completing a condominium complex installation in Keystone, CO. Roofing in the mountains poses its own set of challenges, due to steepness, wind speed and snow/ice accumulations and access issues in deeply-forested areas. But the results are spectacular!See our crew in action, toe boards and all, as we tackle these 12/12 […]

The first course is the hardest…

15 July, 2020

..on your nerves, on your knees, and on your fall protection! That is why we focus on safety, to ensure our trained crew members are protected in those hard to reach areas. Watch as they install starter strip during our installation in Louisville, CO. If you have questions or concerns about your roof, give us […]

The Roof Repair Secret Most Roofers Don’t Want You to Know

10 July, 2020

When you first notice a leak in your roof, you’ll probably look into fixing it by calling a local roofing contractor. And when those roofers visit your home, chances are high that they’ll recommend just one thing: roof replacement. But here’s the secret. Most leaks do not need a full roof replacement. We’ll say it […]

Recycling Old Roof Shingles

10 July, 2020

We try to make a difference wherever possible. See how old roofing shingles can be put to use in new ways, thanks to some innovative technology. #Oldisnew

We are hiring!

30 June, 2020

We are hiring! Denver-based company, backed by Fortune 500 corporation seeking talented, driven individuals looking to accelerate their income. All of the following are provided: Paid training program with bonusesAggressive commission structure with+bonusesTechnology Package including hardware, CRM and additional softwareFull office Staff including Controller, HR and Customer CareHealthcare coverage, Vacation pay and additional benefitsIntermediate Computer […]