Changing Lives and Providing Peace of Mind through Roofing Solutions.

Since 2013, Cenco Building Services has proudly offered some of the most professional and dependable roofing services in Denver and throughout the rest of Colorado. At our locally owned and operated business, we’re not just a basic roofing company; we represent a team of dedicated, licensed, and insured roofing experts who fully understand the residential and commercial roofing process—inside and out, from start to finish.

Here’s Our Story:

In 2013, we opened Cenco (Central Colorado) Building Services with the mission to build a locally sourced, locally run business that would make our customers proud. To be a successful company in this region, it is essential to deliver customer service that is second to none. That’s why Cenco was founded with a local connection in mind. Aside from hiring its entire staff directly from the local area, Cenco contributes 2% of top line revenue to local charities. These charities include Habitat for Humanity, Hope Kids, Boys and Girls Club, and Mercy Center. Residents of Colorado take immense pride in their home state, and they should only want to do business with companies that share in that identity.

Cenco was founded with training as a main pillar for success. That’s why every single salesman is a licensed insurance adjuster, something that no other company in Colorado can claim. Overall, Cenco invests thousands of dollars and thousands of man hours in training and certifications on an annual basis.

In addition to investing in its staff, Cenco continues to build programs that puts customers first. That’s why we developed Cenco’s Aftercare Program. With every roof sold, Cenco enrolls that home in Cenco’s Aftercare Program where our team runs a service call free of charge every year for the life of the roof’s warranty. This program does not exist anywhere else in the country. We are the only roofer across the nation who continues to stand by their work and dedicate resources to uphold a revolutionary standard. In an effort to take this program to even greater heights, Cenco doesn’t attach the enrollment to the homeowner, but attaches it to the home. This means that if the home is sold, the new homeowner is the beneficiary of the program and will continue to receive service on their roof.

We are:

  • Dedicated to quality construction
  • Focused on safe installations with trained labor
  • Committed to excellent service for our customers
  • Committed to our employees and our community

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With all of the above contributing factors, Cenco has gone from startup to a foundation of the community and continues to grow, year after year. With its dedication to It’s employees, customers, and products Cenco will continue to move past the competition and become a staple of central Colorado.