Denver Hail Damage

Located on the High Plains at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Denver is known for its unpredictable weather. Turbulent weather, like hail, can cause damage to residential properties and if you find yourself in need of repair, call the experienced professionals at Cenco Building Services. We specialize in comprehensive roofing services from repair to replacement, and we’re proud to be the only home improvement company in Denver to have hail-certified specialists. Whether you experience a small amount of hail damage or you need to completely replace your roof, you can count on the BBB-accredited remodelers at Cenco Building Services.

Comprehensive Hail Repair Solutions in Denver, CO

Many homeowners assume they’ll be able to identify hail damage immediately, but that isn’t always the case. While some hail damage is readily apparent, other types of damage occur in more subtle ways that weaken your roof over time. Latent hail damage may take months to become noticeable and can cause roofing materials to age prematurely. At Cenco Building Services, we offer comprehensive residential roofing repairs from hail damage, including working with insurance companies to cover the repair costs. We’ve been offering full-service roofing solutions in Denver since 2013, offering benefits and services that include:

  • Expert repair and installation by Colorado’s only licensed hail specialists
  • Variety of roofing materials to customize the appearance of your roof
  • Extensive services ranging from roofing inspection and maintenance to repair and replacement
  • Quick and convenient roofing repairs by trained and licensed professionals

Get in Touch With Our Hail Damage Specialists Today

Whether you know you need some roofing repairs or you want to get your roof checked out to make sure no hail damage has occurred, get in touch with the Denver hail damage specialists at Cenco Building Services. We’ll take care of everything for you from inspection to working with your homeowner’s insurance, so you can have a hassle-free experience. We’d love to provide you with additional information regarding our products and services, so call right away. You can also take a moment today to complete our online contact form and request your free, no-obligation cost estimate.

What Style of Roofing is Best for Your Home?

We have more than 25 years of combined experience and a diverse selection of high-quality roofing styles, and we’d love to help you make the best decision for your unique circumstances.