F-Wave Shingles

As the most popular roofing material, asphalt shingles likely cover most of the homes in your neighborhood–but traditional asphalt can only provide so much protection! Rather than settle for a material that’s “good enough,” take your Colorado roof to the next level with some of the very best shingles on the market today: F-Wave shingles by REVIA(tm). What makes these shingles better? For starters, they’re 2.5 times stronger than regular asphalt shingles, and they’re engineered without the tiny asphalt granules that so often flake, fall off, and cause other headaches for homeowners in Colorado. F-Wave shingles’ synthetic material is still very lightweight, but it’s far more durable than asphalt. These top-of-the-line designer shingles are:

  • Class A Fire Resistant
  • Resistant to UV Damage and Weathering
  • Protected by a Class 4 Hail Warranty and 130-mph Wind Warranty
  • Resistant to Cracking and Fading
  • Backed by REVIA’s 50-Year WeatherForce Advantage Warranty
  • Available in Two Gorgeous Collections: Slate and Hand-Split Shake

Above and beyond their superior performance, F-Wave shingles from Cenco Building Services are always installed by expert local roofers. We’re passionate about delivering superior quality, and we only send roofers who have earned ProCertification from the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA).

REVIA(tm) Designer Slate Collection

F-wave shingles in the Designer Slate collection are crafted to achieve the natural, highly textural look of slate–without the exceptionally high price tag or the massive weight of real slate tiles. Many Colorado homeowners choose these shingles for the modern aesthetic but also receive long-term financial benefits in the form of potentially increased home value and savings on homeowners’ insurance.

Designer Slate: Estate Series

REVIA’s Estate Series shingles have cut-away edges that create a charmingly scalloped and layered look. These shingles come in four attractive colors:

  • Colonial Estate
  • Hampton Estate
  • Woodland Estate
  • Sonoma Estate

Designer Slate: American Series

Shingles in the American series are classic tiles with clean edges and sharp corners. These shingles are available in three high-demand colors:

  • Birchwood Blend
  • Charcoal Blend
  • Harvest Blend

REVIA(tm) Hand-Split Shake Collection

The Hand-Split Shake collection mimics the authentic look, color variation, and dimensional woodgrain of real cedar shakes. Thanks to the cutting-edge composite material, however, F-Wave shingles resist nearly all of the problems that real wood roofs experience–including fire, mold, mildew, rot, cracking, and fading! This collection comes in two colors inspired by nature:

  • Castle Brown
  • Mountain Cedar

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