National Roofing Week: Employee Appreciation!

7 June, 2023

We’re excited to be Celebrate National Roofing Week with Owens Corning!! ???? Today we wanted to share a fun photo of our Cenco team bonding by helping our community in Denver, CO. #NationalRoofingWeek #OwensCorningUnited #localroofers #roofreplacement #denverroofing

YellowDog Interviews Matt Dirr

31 May, 2023

The Cenco Team is excited to share a fun interview, Denver based company, YellowDog did with our General Manager, Matthew Dirr!! ???? #blog #interview #denver #yellowdog #cencoroofing #roofing

Community Matters

13 April, 2023

At Cenco, we try to live our company values. One of the most personal to our team is our commitment to our community. As a company, we commit 2% of our revenue to charity each year. It takes the form of donated roofs and services to non-traditional customers as well as service hours from our […]

6 Reasons to Contact a Roofing Company

31 January, 2023

While it can be convenient to call a local handyman or roof inspector when you’re having problems with your roof, it’s better to go with a local roofing company. A roofing company provides in-depth knowledge that other professionals don’t offer, and they have the resources to handle any problem that you might have. If you […]

Roofing in the new climate: Commitment to Recycling

8 November, 2022

Cenco has continued to renew our partnership with Owens Corning, the industry leader in roofing materials with a commitment to continue improvement in materials recycling. It is part of our promise to make our roofing projects as clean and as minimally invasive as possible.

Warehouse gets a facelift

21 July, 2022

Cenco is happy to share our new Warehouse facelift! Thanks to PGI graphics for helping to design and install our new signage. Designed to not only clearly advertise our services, the perforated 3M coating also protects employs from the glare and heat of the afternoon sun. AND it looks cool!

2022 Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor

1 July, 2022

Cenco Building Services is proud to once again have earned the Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor status for 2022, along with Service and Product awards! Our partnership with Owens Corning continues to ensure we can provide our customers with peace of mind through roofing solutions. If you have a question or concern about your roof, […]

Providing Peace of Mind through Roofing Solutions

12 May, 2022

We continue to install best in class products using certified labor across the Front Range as an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor. Contact us today with your roofing questions!

How long should my roof or roof system last?

29 March, 2022

When you make a significant investment in your home, such as upgrading your current roofing system, you want to know that your investment will last you for years to come. As this is no small undertaking, it feels good to have peace of mind when upgrading such a significant aspect of your home. Since 2013, […]

Best In Class Products For Your Home

19 March, 2022

Trust the best in the industry–Trust Owens Corning! Call us today for a free roof inspection by your local Owens Corning Platinum Preferred contractor at Cenco Building Services. Call today at (720)-583-1690.

How to Tell If You’ve Had Wind Damage on Your Home

23 February, 2022

Believe it or not, it can be difficult to tell when you’ve had wind damage to your roof. At Cenco Building Services, we stand out among Denver storm restoration companies because we want to make sure our clients are educated about what wind damage really is. The sooner you recognize the signs of wind damage […]

What is the Best Roofing System for Colorado?

12 February, 2022

Colorado experiences four full seasons and a lot more wind than you might realize. Temperature extremes are a little milder on the Western side of the United States but the Rocky Mountains make up for that with daily fluctuations from one extreme to the other and snowfall measured in feet. But that’s not all–the geography […]

Channel 7 Everyday Hero–Thank You

9 November, 2021

Our thanks go out to the team and our partners for making this happen. Thanks to Channel 7 and their Everyday Hero spotlight for highlighting the positive impact that roofers around Denver such as Cenco are quietly making each year. Let’s get out and make a difference around Denver!

Habitat for Humanity

26 October, 2021

We are always thrilled to be able to help a neighbor complete some of their outstanding projects. In partnership with #Blues and BBQ For Better Housing, we were able to donate our time and a little grunt work to help Dan install a much needed fence and gate at his property. Thanks to the entire […]

A 3 pack of Goodness

21 August, 2021

We set out to help at least 3 families in need in 2021 and with our recent charitable build in Littleton, we have already met our goal! A big thank you to our production and installation teams and our partners Owens Corning and Blues and BBQ for Better Housing to complete our third no cost […]